Intelligent Interactive Interface

At DMLab we are pursuing a vision that contemplates a world where every household will be furnished with avatars capable of human-level conversation and emotional interaction and living avatars become as ubiquitous as the personal computer. Avatars and AI stand at the center of the next industrial revolution and living avatars represent the intersection of these technologies as they are the embodiment of all the progress that is being made in these fields at present. We believe that living avatars will be the next big consumer product to come out of the tech industry and our goal is to take these avatars from being mere curiosities to becoming household necessities, much as the personal computer and smartphone have become today. There was a time when personal computers and smartphones were the purview of hobbyists and neglected by larger companies. A time when the market for these products was still young and full of opportunity. In the field of living avatars, that time is now. A blue ocean lies ahead of us—all that’s left is for us to dive in.

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